HYCO’s ring scanners process more orders compared to the traditional handheld scanners in the warehouse because they allow for two-hand operation. Using ring scanners can lead to an 18% to 30% increase in operational efficiency.

High-efficient Work

The ring scanner is a small and lightweight device that greatly improves accuracy and speed for warehouse operations such as scanning, packing, labelling, and handling. By significantly improving these processes, the ring scanner becomes an essential and practical tool for process innovation in management.


The HYCO ring scanner meets all six core indicators of practicality, making it a highly reliable and practical scanner product. With its solid construction and mass production capability, it frees up hands and significantly improves efficiency.

The buttonless HYCO ring scanner offers comfortable and ambidextrous operation with a simple tap on the shell.

Major Cases

The HYCO ring scanner has been utilized in the warehousing operations of major companies such as Walmart, Amazon, DHL, Starbucks, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, JD.com, and more.