Performing an inventory check requires both scanning and moving goods. However, when using a traditional PDA, users are unable to move large cartons with both hands, which can clearly hinder work efficiency. By utilizing a ring scanner, both hands are freed, allowing users to move goods while simultaneously scanning inventory. This approach can significantly improve efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

Scan and Move at the Same Time

Inventory checks using traditional PDAs require users to repeatedly pick up, scan, put down, and carry heavy objects, resulting in an inefficient and inconvenient process. By using the small HYCO Ring Scanner on the finger, along with a smartwatch, users can perform hands-free scanning while simultaneously carrying items. This approach significantly improves operational speed, efficiency, and accuracy during inventory checks.

Fast and Simple Inventory Check

The HYCO Ring Scanner is a highly reliable and practical scanning product that meets all six core indicators of practicality. Its solid construction and mass production capability make it an efficient hands-free solution that significantly improves productivity.

Major Cases

The HYCO Ring Scanner and Smart Watch solution has been successfully implemented in inventory checks at Wal-mart and Starbucks, demonstrating its effectiveness and value.