W28 2D Ring Scanner
2D Ring Scanner

Printed/ On-screen barcode & 2D code reading; comes with three scanning distance versions: short, normal, and long.

2D Code

Green and Low Carbon

Ultra-low power consumption.

Small, Compact, and Comfortable

Weighs only 20 grams, making it the lightest ring scanner in the world.

Work Easily, Efficiently and Conveniently

Reduce the strain on hiring and training for labour-intensive businesses, and improve staff stability.

Barcode/2D Code Scanning
2D Code
ScannerHYCO CMOS-Sensor Scanner
Resolution1280x800 pixcels
Code ReadingBarcodes/2D codes
Scanning DistanceLong, general or macro type
Dimensions (W*D*H)38.6mm*29.0mm*22.1mm
Ring Bands10 pcs in different sizes
BluetoothBT4.2, BLE
LED IndicatorRGB LED (programmable)
Vibration IndicatorSupported
Battery 200mAh@3.7V
Charging Cradle With USB dongle and Bluetooth adapter
Battery Life8 hours (when fully charged with 15-20cm depth of field, and scanning once every 5 seconds)
Charging Time2.5hrs
Scanning TriggerTouch-to-scan
Touch ButtonHigh sensitivity even with gloves
IP Level IP66
Drop Test3 meters
Operating Temperature-10℃ to 50℃(14℉ to 122℉)
Humidity0%-95%RH (non condensing)
Specifications subject to change without notice
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Ring Scanner
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“Work effortlessly,Efficiency improved naturally.”
— Happy Worker,Happy Boss.